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Tynemouth to Whitley Bay custom set

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A custom LEGO set featuring Tynemouth and Whitley Bay. Of all my sets this is probably the one that holds the most meaning for me as its very near where I live in North Shields and I spend a lot of time at the coast.

Clearly I've taken some artistic licence with scaling and distances, and I've left out a number of locations, but I hope it captures the area well enough!

The Tynemouth LEGO set includes many of the major landmarks of the area including:

  • Tynemouth pier and Priory
  • Riley's Fish Shack
  • Surfers!
  • Cullercoats Harbour
  • Spanish City
  • St Mary's Lighthouse
  • Whitley Bay beach

The set contains around 590 parts and comes with a printed booklet, all parts and a signed box. 

I also have a much larger version of Spanish City available here.

This set is pretty niche and therefore after an initial release of 10 sets will be available as a made-to-order product.