About me

I've been designing and building large one-off LEGO models for a many years - see my main site at Brick This. In 2020 I branched out into designing smaller, buildable models, focusing on the North of England, where I'm based. It all started with my Newcastle Gateshead LEGO model. Instructions are available to purchase for each model, and for most I release Limited Edition boxed sets.

My passion has always been architecture, and I'm a big fan of the North of England! For now, the focus will be on my part of the world. The LEGO Group of course produce a fantastic range of sets of skylines and landmarks from around the world. My aim is to try to do the same for the North of England, for cities and landmarks that whilst well-known here are generally far too niche for LEGO to produce as official sets. 

About the sets

All my model designs use official LEGO parts, and if you purchase a boxed set they all contain only genuine LEGO. If you buy instructions only, they contain a guide to sourcing parts, and there is more info on my blog here: BrickLink tips. Please note that I have no links to The LEGO Group so whilst these sets use genuine LEGO pieces they are not 'official' sets.

The sets are time-consuming to design and put together, and the cost of the LEGO parts is significant as I can't source it cheaper than anyone else. So my aim with these is for them to be really special collectors' items. Each set comes with a presentation box, printed booklet and all the parts. Each box is also signed and numbered.

I hope you enjoy having a look around. Feel free to drop me a line at steve@brickthis.co.uk with any queries or suggestions for a set you'd like to see.