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The Tyne Bridge custom set

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The Tyne Bridge LEGO. As one of the icons of the Newcastle Gateshead area, the Tyne Bridge's striking shape and colour are instantly familiar to anyone from the area. This bespoke LEGO model was months in development as I was set on using the dark green colour that most closely matches the actual colour. However, relatively few pieces come in dark green, and some are quite expensive. The design therefore uses some slightly unusual techniques for the curve of the arch, and is perhaps best for more experienced LEGO builders!

This set is now out of stock but can be made to order. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

As arguably the most well-known of the 7 bridges that cross the River Tyne between Newcastle and Gateshead the Tyne Bridge has become synonymous with Tyneside and Geordies! It affords fantastic views over the river and the quayside and was a must to include in my range of Northern LEGO sets. 

The set comes with:

  • all the parts required to build it (genuine LEGO)
  • printed title tile.
  • printed instruction booklet
  • signed and numbered box 

For another iconic bridge over the Tyne see The Gateshead Millennium Bridge, built at the same scale. There's also a much smaller version on my Newcastle Gateshead skyline LEGO set!