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Stamford Bridge custom kit

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Build a Stamford Bridge LEGO set! Stamford Bridge has been the home of Chelsea Football Club since they formed in 1905, though the ground was opened in 1877. It holds just over 40,000 spectators and is situated in West London.

This bespoke LEGO set tries to capture the essence of the ground. Like many of the older club grounds, Stamford Bridge has been added to and developed over many decades. I hope it will make a great gift for an avid Chelsea fan!

This Stamford Bridge LEGO set has 400 parts and measures 17x15 cm. The set comes with:

  • all the parts (genuine LEGO) required to built it,
  • special printed pitch and title piece
  • printed instruction booklet
  • signed and numeered box 

Other football grounds I've designed as mini LEGO sets include:

Old Trafford

Villa Park

St James' Park

For the full range of sports grounds available see here: LEGO sports grounds.

I take great pride in designing these sets and trying to capture the essence of the ground at what is quite a small scale. I hope I have done it justice! Feel free to send any feedback about the design, and I also love to see people's pictures of the completed set on display.