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Murrayfield Stadium custom set

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Murrayfield LEGO set. The home of Scottish Rugby Union, as a LEGO set. Situated West of Edinburgh City Centre, Scotland's largest stadium holds 67,000 people.

This set is now out of stock. It will need a redesign due to poor availability of some parts. Look for it being relaunched in 2024!

My LEGO version contains 472 pieces and measures 18x15cm. As with all of my Limited Edition boxed sets this Murrayfield LEGO set comes with:

  • all the parts required 
  • special printed pitch and title piece
  • printed instruction booklet
  • high-quality numbered and signed box

    For more sports grounds in LEGO see here.

    This bespoke LEGO set is part of a range I created in 2021 to celebrate cities and landmarks of the North of England, though I crept over the border into Scotland for this one! For suggestions of sets you'd like to see please drop me a line.