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Durham skyline LEGO set

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Build a Durham LEGO skyline set! The beautiful city of Durham is now available in LEGO form. This bespoke set includes Durham Cathedral, the castle, the River Wear, Elvet Bridge, cobbled streets, rowing boats and the viaduct with the East Coast mainline! For such a small city there really is a lot of stunning architecture. The challenge as usual with these skyline sets is what to leave out. I hope this captures the essence of Durham City.

This set has 483 pieces and measures 26x7cm.

This Durham LEGO skyline set comes with:

  • All the parts required (genuine LEGO)
  • Printed title tile
  • Printed instruciton booklet
  • High-quality box which is numbered and signed

This LEGO set is part of a range of Northern skylines that I designed in 2021 and which also includes York, Newcastle Gateshead, Manchester, Blackpool and the Liverpool Waterfront.

For more information about the massive Durham Cathedral LEGO model that you may have seen or heard about, see here: LEGO Durham Cathedral. I was not involved in that model at all unfortunately, other than to put a couple of pieces on as part of the public build process.