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Hadrian's Wall custom set

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Hadrian's Wall as a LEGO set! Hadrian’s Wall extends from Segedunum in the East (just 5 miles from my house) to the Solway Firth in the West. Its a total of 73 miles. It passes through Tyne and Wear, Northumberland and Cumbria.

This model is not an accurate recreation of the up and downs or all the points of interest, but is based on my own time spent there, in all sorts of weather and at different times of the year!

It includes both coasts and nods to some of the forts such as Vindolanda and Chesters, and of course it has perhaps Britain's most famous tree at Sycamore Gap! There's some hidden treasure and also a representation of different seasons from autumn on the left through to summer on the right.

This model contains 409 pieces and measures 44cm wide.

This Hadrian's Wall LEGO set comes with:

  • All the parts required to built it (all official LEGO parts),
  • Special printed title tile
  • Printed instruction booklet,
  • Signed and numbered presentation box

This forms part of a range of bespoke sets I've designed that celebrate Northern landmarks. Others include:

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