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Angel of the North

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Build an Angel of the North LEGO set! Antony Gormley's sculpture in Gateshead is one of the most viewed pieces of artwork in the world. It stands 20m tall and has a wingspan of 54m. It was installed in 1998 and has become a true icon not only of Gateshead but the North of England.

It is also one of my favourite structures and pieces of artwork. Designing the Angel of the North as a LEGO was a real challenge. I wanted to capture the curvature of the body and other distinct features such as the grid-like pattern on the wings. The resulting model is fairly complex in places using some tricky building techniques and a few quite rare parts!

Set details:

  • 410 pieces (all genuine LEGO)
  • Measures 45 x 13 cm x 23 cm height
  • Comes with printed boolet
  • High-quality box is signed and numbered

For a much smaller Angel see my Newcastle Gateshead LEGO set that features it too! And for a larger version (I seem to have a bit of a thing for the Angel!) there's an 80cm wide version I built in 2016, see here: LEGO Angel of the North.

This set makes a grea gift for any Northern fans of LEGO!